Calathus  LLC

Calathus LLC is the trade name for environmental consulting work performed by Myriem Le Ferrand, M.S.  My work is primarily in facilitating local dialogue regarding natural resource policy and management. I specialize in appreciative inquiry and community-based participatory research.


I started Calathus to support environmentally-friendly approaches to economic development. Calathus is Greek for "the basket in which women carry their work."  My goal was to earn a living doing work that could turn the tide on environmental degradation and the loss of local cultural wisdom around the globe. 



As time progressed, Calathus LLC served my work as a solo environmental facilitator

in the Four Corners (UT, CO, NM, AZ). My solo projects were the Animas Watershed Partnership and the Triple E Initiative convened by the Northwest New Mexico Council of Governments.  Triple E was an EPA CARE project that targeted consensus by local policy makers on how best to support the economy, environment and energy.  Navajo chapters, city of Farmington and three NM counties were involved. To prepare participants for dialogue, I also synthesized planning documents, studies on air and water quality and various economic reports.  


During this period of time, I also facilitated a dialogue between the Durango City Council and the La Plata County Commissioners regarding local zoning and a dialogue on local food sustainability in the Animas River corridor.  I also assisted briefly in facilitating regional dialogue regarding the Arizona Water Settlement Act of 2004. This took place in Silver City, New Mexico.




When I started Calathus, I also longed to work on ecotourism projects that would be locally-beneficial. Ecotourism can be harnessed to support economic development to benefit local people and the environment. Rather than outside sources of micro-finance, revenues generated through ecotourism could be held locally in a financial pool allocated on the basis of local need.  This aspect of Calathus is carried forward in the work of Economics for Peace Institute.

For the next few years, I plan to work with other professionals in an established nonprofit or consulting organization. I have chosen to dissolve Calathus LLC. Dissolving this LLC greatly simplifies my work life so that in a few years and with proper funding I can focus again on the mission of Economics for Peace Institute.



  Economics for Peace Institute | epi | works through education and economic development to build peace, to foster sustainability and to restore the Earth’s natural systems. | epi | promotes participatory action research in public planning with a focus on community well-being and ecosystem stewardship.

| epi | promotes participatory ecotourism.


Last Update:  9/13/11