Two-Party Mediation

Mediate two-party disputes such as landlord-tenant, employer-employee, construction owner-contractor, neighbor-neighbor, and other disputes on a case-by-case basis.

Coach people who are in a dispute in resolving the dispute themselves: learn to identify interests, gather substantive insights, engage positive conversational interaction and level the playing field, if such is required. Learn the key steps that make it work.  Have a few questions? Initial consult is free. Book an appointment.

Sustainable local economies require dispute prevention, well-crafted agreements, and mediation in everyday life.  Folks need to get along.  Strengthen social capital in your community.  Learn to mediate in your neighborhood, workgroups, friend groups and even in the general community.  I’ll provide a list of people and educational resources I can recommend in the near future.


Stakeholder Involvement and Public Participation

For over twenty years, I’ve specialized in the resolution of complex environmental disputes.

Facilitate dialogue and information gathering to resolve complex multi-party environmental disputes. Cases taken under condition “real local input” informs public and stakeholder involvement process.

Provide analytical and research services for environmental and social impact assessment (SIA) on projects addressing climate change or under the jurisdiction of NEPA, the ESA, or the USDA.

Provide appreciative strategic planning (AIM) for activist groups mobilized by an immediate crisis who are also ready to ensure long-term participatory community engagement. When required, I will bring on board associates with required complementary expertise and to ensure availability for term of project.


Open Technology Services

Discover the wonderful, open source, secure – and sustainable – world wide web.

To live sustainably day-to-day, it helps to be rid of online advertisements, even if advertisers claim their product is “eco-friendly” or “natural.”

Be in charge of what you share online and what you don’t.

Learn how to best select your browser and email services along with the wide range of other Saas and internet tools.

Learn to eliminate online tracking and reduce your exposure to a data breach.

The web itself requires a lot of energy.  Let’s use it for what really matters. When we do host content online for good cause, try to go green.  Use renewable energy to drive your servers. Even then, there are significant environmental and social costs in the production of renewable energy.  It is not harmless.  Communities and ecosystems are affected by large installations.  So be judicious, here too.

In order to ensure my capacity to work independently in my field, I’ve remained current on technology.  I’m happy to share what I know.  Schedule a computer walkthrough.  Book an appointment.

I’m happy to answer questions. Feel free to contact me.

For my earliest phone availability, please check my calendar.


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