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Services for individuals, nonprofits, citizen groups and small businesses.

coaching                                              $40      40 minute session

coaching tune up                               $20      20 minute session

2 party mediation initial intake         $40      40 minute session

2 party mediation                               $80      80 minute session

tech privacy settings                         $40      40 minute session

tech tune up                                        $20      20 minute session

20 minute initial consult ~ no cost           

Services for citizen groups, small nonprofits and green business.

Appreciative Inquiry Mediation Solutions • Impact Assessment • Place-based and Participatory Action Research • Multi-Party Mediation

Training                                                   $60    40 min. incl. local travel

Workplan development                      $80    80 minute session

Guide development of an RFP           nego

20 minute initial consult ~ no cost        

Policy Dialogues and Environmental Conflict Resolution

Multi-Jurisdictional Facilitation and Stakeholder Involvement

Senior Mediator or Trainer                            $125  base

RFP review and response ¹                                –

           20 minute initial consult ~ no cost            


How to use the online scheduler

  • Please select the full number of consecutive time slots needed for that day’s session.
  • Payment will be taken at the time you schedule.  PayPal is the merchant service to process your online payment.  This site is SSL secure.
  • You may book ahead up to two additional sessions.  For any more than two, let’s develop a workplan.  Based on our mutually-agreed upon workplan, I can set aside additional availability.

For an initial consult, please email me.  First, check the online scheduler for a time that works for you.  Be very specific about the reason for your consult in your email.  Describe fully.  After my review, I’ll may either ask for further clarification or reserve your requested time on my end and at no cost.  Again, please be as clear as you can upfront; it will save us both time.  Thanks.

All sessions are by phone and may include screen share and video conferencing. In person meet ups may be arranged as needed.  There would be a surcharge for travel and expenses.

Mediation sessions are best in person.  Initial intake is with both parties 20 minute sessions each. If both parties which to proceed after the initial intake, then that is the time to schedule the first mediation session.  Mediation may require multiple sessions. If both parties agree to meet in person, there will be additional charges for meeting room, set up, travel and expenses. Plan on at least $100 more per session.

Consulting services involving work effort outside of phone meetings are invoiced separately.  For instance, workplan development would be invoiced at agreeable intervals and payable upon receipt.  Prepayment of services may be required prior to proceeding.

¹ Proposals are a strength; they are detailed and thorough.  I will occasionally reply to an RFP at a reduced cost on a case-by-case basis

billable rate – $60 per hour, except multi-jurisdictional cases.   sliding scale available