Calathus means “the basket in which women carry their work.” 

Calathus is a Greek word selected to serve as metaphor. A basket is a metaphor for the void which births all vision, for the womb in which life forms, for the biosphere so unique to our beautiful planet Earth. A basket is a container, much like legal registration of a business is a container. So, Calathus metaphorically represents the protection of the feminine in a business entity. Calathus reflects a choice to stand for respecting the feminine way that protects and sustains. And so with an apprentice for witness, I created a consulting entity to stand strong in my voice as a woman. We chose Calathus to represent a nourishing way forward for all creation. We gave ourselves permission to be in our integrity, our knowing and our deepest longing to protect our beautiful planet, and to do this through greater awareness in our day-to-day lives and in our every choice.