This blog is a timeline.  Each post is a point in time.  The blog reveals the story of one particular calathus – my own, and the fruition of vision.

The content draws from previous websites or from essays recently written as I reflect back.  I write about my aspirations, and the setbacks and milestones of the past ten years.  I write about the confluence of circumstance and about the marvel of endurance.  I seek to reveal that inner view which sustains my efforts – this despite an oftentimes faltering grace. 

From an early age, I wanted to earn a living creating beauty.  But not just art for myself and possibly to sell in its more appealing forms.  Rather instead, I wanted to energize beauty for good purpose, for ultimate purpose. I wanted to turn the tide on environmental degradation and the loss of local cultural wisdom around the globe. After an abundance of education about policy and economics, a close friend with corporate background thought I should look at things again differently.  He encouraged me to look at micro-economics and the making of a business.  Soon later, I started Calathus LLC, a Colorado company, to support environmentally-friendly approaches to economic development.